Dec. 11th, 2027 09:43 pm
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All mail to be opened and read whenever Logan remembers he actually has a mailbox.
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He had to be honest, with Joe keeping them busy, Logan had a harder time keeping track of the days. He knew, it was August- or almost August maybe- but he wasn't aware that today was his birthday. It didn't even occur to him to check and see if it was.

He and Joe were currently on the floor playing with the train set then he'd been carving piece by piece over the last few months. Joe was giggling and pushing a train up the track and over the little bridge, smiling as it rolled off on it's own.

Logan was so busy watching her that he didn't even notice Jack come in.


Apr. 14th, 2013 08:59 pm
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"I smell like soap," Logan laughed. "But alright, come on, let's go to bed."


Sep. 10th, 2012 07:19 pm
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It was early, early enough that the sun wasn't up yet. The baby was sleeping and everything was calm. It was perfect, and he rolled closer to Jack, slipping an arm around the other man nuzzling his neck.

"Wake up," he whispered. "Jack, wake up," he persisted, getting annoyed and nipping at his jaw when the man didn't wake instantly.
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(from here)

Logan came out of the bedroom, wearing Jack's coat- and nothing else. He had it buttoned up though, and only hints of skin showed, giving away very little as he moved closer.

"While you were working, I decided to set things up for a good night in. I've got all your favorite stuff out in the work shed if you want to go out there- and some stuff upstairs if that's where you want to go there instead..."

He smiled a little, running his hands over Jack's chest as he leaned in to kiss him.

"Your choice, captain."


Sep. 27th, 2011 10:47 pm
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Things were nearing completion at the hut, which was amazing, really, considering how much they'd needed to do. They'd accomplished so much, and the hut looked so different now.

Standing in the nursery, Logan looked down at the floor, scuffing his foot against it, and frowning. Glancing over at Jack, he wet his lips before speaking.

"It should be soft. You're supposed to do that for babies, you know? You make everything soft. Do you think we could make a rug somehow? Or play mats, or... Fuck, I dunno," he sighed, trailing off. "What about, like, leather? My dad had that once on his walls. It was soft. They make it for flooring too. What if we did that?" he asked, not really sure how one would go about making a leather floor.


Sep. 9th, 2011 11:31 pm
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Logan laughed, Letting Jack push him into the bedroom and struggling lightly against his hold.

"Handcuffs, whatever, I'm easy. Just kiss me and take your pants off."
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When he'd first found out, Logan hadn't reacted at all. He hadn't laughed like it was some kind of joke or broken down in tears. He'd simply gone quiet for a while- his eyes cold and distant, and his jaw set. He'd stayed that way for hours, and then set out into the woods.

Because Joe wasn't gone. Joe would never leave him. And he didn't care that there was no sign of island weirdness, it had to be the island, because it was Joe. It was Joe, and Joe had promised he'd always be there, and- And Joe was the first person Logan had ever trusted. Joe was the first person he'd really believed when he said he loved him.

Joe had been a father to him, and the island wasn't allowed to take that from him.

Days were spent searching, usually with Jack in tow, and Logan combed every inch of the island his legs would take him too, barely pausing to rest as he searched high and low.

It wasn't until Wednesday that he finally gave up.

Jack was behind him, and Logan simply crumpled, the hard edge gone as his face softened and his shoulders slumped forward. There was nothing for a moment, and then his whole body shook with the force of the sob that came from deep in his chest. The kind of sob that actually hurt. The kind of sob that made your lungs ache and your body wilt. Logan doubled over as if he was in pain, his sleeves pulled down over his fingers as wrapped his arms around himself and shook. He didn't sob again, but he cried, his tears silent and his cries choked back until they were nothing more than strangled sounds that were barely loud enough to echo off the trees.

People vanished all the time, they vanished everyday, but Logan had never felt a loss like this. ...Not since the day he'd finally accepted his mother's death.

He could feel Jack hovering behind him, and he sniffed loudly before trying to speak.

"He promised," he said finally. "He promised he'd stay."
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It had been a while since they'd been out camping together, and a lot had changed since the first time they'd gone out. From marriage to the loss of friends, they'd both seen so much change in their lives, but even though they weren't the same men who'd met on the island years ago, some things hadn't changed. The way they laughed at the same stupid jokes, or the way they gently bumped shoulders with each other in a silent show of affection sometimes.

Those things never changed.

Logan had already set up the sleeping bags and was currently working on trying to build a fire as he glanced over at Joe.

"I think mom's lighter is finally out of gas," he said. "Guess it had to happen eventually, I ran out of stuff to refill it with a while ago. Can you get me the plastic lighter out of my bag?"
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Camping was the most exciting thing ever, and Logan bounced a little on his heals as he watched Jack put up their tent.

"Can we roast something on the fire?" he asked. "Will you tell me ghost stories? That would be cool," Logan babbled, still small and youthful.

He wandered over and tried to help. Dragging the blanket around and making their bed.At some point he'd acquired a teddy bear, and he placed it carefully on the make-shift sleeping bag before wandering back over to Jack's side.

"I like the fire," he said, pointing at it. "When it gets darker it'll be really cool."
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It was hot, too hot, and Logan made an annoyed sound as he wiggled under the covers. He supposed that the fact he appeared to be wearing pajama's was likely a huge part of the problem, and he wiggled a bit more before lifting the covers to look at what he was wearing.

His legs looked very small. He looked very small.

He huffed and wiggled again, rolling onto his side as he looked at Jack. Jack who was normal sized and perfectly Jack. He stuck out his bottom lip, sulking to himself as he gave Jack a kick.

His footie pajamas seemed to be gathering static electricity though, and he might have given the other man a small shock.

"Get up," he demanded, his voice higher than usual even though it held that familiar grumpy tone.

He was hungry, and he was fairly sure he couldn't make coffee himself in his current state. Jack would clearly have to do it for him.

for Jack

Jun. 24th, 2011 10:53 pm
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(from here)

Logan started to run the shower, stripping down and piling his clothes up in the corner. He waited until the water was just right, then stepped under the spray, expecting Jack to come and find him when he was ready.

It felt good, and he leaned casually against the tile as water spilled over him.
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They'd gotten the good news the day before. Savannah was pregnant, really pregnant, and they were going to be fathers.

It still didn't seem real, and Logan couldn't quite shake the feeling that he shouldn't let himself get too happy. He just shouldn't. ...But it was hard not to smile as he thought about the baby. Their baby. It was hard not to grin as he rolled over to look at Jack.

Nine months. They had nine months to renovate the hut and get it all baby proofed. Nine months to fix up a nursery, build an outdoor shed for the tools, a bigger pen for the dogs, and... Well, a million other things.

He didn't care though. They were having a kid. They were finally starting a family- and he couldn't stop himself from leaning in to kiss his sleeping husband. It was early, so early the sun wasn't even up yet, but Logan just couldn't sleep. He was too excited to even think about sleep.
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It didn't matter. It didn't matter that they'd fought. That they'd tried to compromise. None of that changed the way he'd catch Jack smiling now and then as the other man thought about his thrilling adventure. It didn't change the fact that while Jack had been off playing the hero and having adventures, he'd been home. He hadn't been invited. Not even by Jack.

He wasn't smart enough. He wasn't trained. He wasn't good enough.

He was Logan Echolls- surfer boy. Nothing else. Nothing useful.

It hurt. In fact it hurt more than he was willing to admit. He kept it quiet, and he kept it to himself, but sometimes, when Jack wasn't looking, he found his eyes were just a little damp and that his chest ached. Jack would smile that little smile, and Logan would turn away to hide how angry it made him, and how hurt he was that he'd been left behind. That the other man hadn't thought of him or asked him along. That he hadn't made a case for him or found a way to involve him.

It made him so angry.

Today he'd gone to the office, two cups of coffee in his hands and every intention of making nice- but when he'd reached the door, he'd seen Jack's face- that smile, and he'd known he couldn't go in there. Not without pouring the coffee in the smug bastard's lap.

When he finally made his way home, he found himself still boiling over with anger, and after taking it out on the wall until his knuckles ached and bled- he'd known what he needed to do. He couldn't be here, he couldn't do this anymore. He'd packed a bag, grabbed a gun, and taken some of his personal things. He didn't want to be here- he didn't want to sit in Jack's shadow anymore.

He pulled his necklace off, the tiny shells choking him as he tried to calm down. He left the necklace on the pillow, beside a note that simply said. I'll be back eventually. I love you. It didn't occur to him that it might be a bit cryptic or worrying. He just wanted to go.

He left Linus behind and set off, not realizing that the moment he was gone, the dog would eat the note he'd left for Jack, leaving the other man no explanation as to what had happened.

--- --- ---

The second island wasn't so scary anymore, and he had no trouble making his way over and setting up a small campsite. He built a tent and a fire- hell he even managed to catch a few fish. By the second night he'd even constructed a decent shelter, since he wasn't sure how long he intended to stay.

The third day went less well. He'd gotten bold and decided to try and take on a shark- which had, unfortunately, ended with one of the baby sharks trying to remove his arm. He bandaged it well, but he knew it would make fishing that much harder.

By the forth, he was missing Jack- but he still wasn't ready to go home. His chest still ached, and he still felt like he was nothing. Still just a stupid surfer boy. The only difference now was the fact that he was a stupid surfer boy who'd run away.
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It had started not long after the snow had melted. Even with less nights at the clubs, Jack was still always out or doing something- and Logan was, well, left out. Left out and bored. He had nothing to do with the council, he couldn't join the ITF... So the younger man spent most of his time either surfing or sitting at home, bored and alone.

The first time had been fairly innocent, he'd just taken a walk, getting close to dino territory, but only barely crossing the line. Stepping past the border gave him a cheep thrill though, and he was rewarded for his courage right away. Looking down he could see what looked like a dinosaur tooth, and he dusted it off before slipping it into his pocket.

That night when Jack talked about work and the upcoming stuff with the ITF, Logan felt envy building up inside of him. Jack had so much planned- so much to do. So much excitement... While Logan had, well, nothing. But when he slipped his hand into his pocket and rubbed his thumb over that smooth tooth, he knew he could have a little adventure too. He didn't have to be a bored housewife if he didn't want to be.

The next day he packed a small bag and took one of Jack's rifles from the crate- memorizing exactly where it had been before putting it over his shoulder. Jack didn't dig through it often, and he was less likely to notice that one of the stock had been fired than if Logan used his own. ...Though honestly he was hoping he wouldn't have to use it at all.

This time when he walked, he went in deeper, and again he was rewarded with a tooth.

After that he went every day, going deeper and gathering little bones or lost teeth. Sometimes he'd see a dinosaur, sometimes he wouldn't- and more than once he had to fire a shot and make a run for it. It was thrilling, it was good, and the next time Jack started to talk about his busy day, Logan had to hide a smirk.

It continued for weeks. Jack would go out, and soon after, so would Logan. And every day, Logan rushed back before the other man could get home, putting the rifle back and hiding his treasures in a box on the bookshelf before going to shower and change. He'd started doing the laundry as well, shrugging it off when Jack asked him why he was suddenly so interested in clean clothes.

"It's not like I have anything else to do," he'd muttered at the other man, throwing him off his trail by pretending to be bitter. ...Well, pretending to be more bitter than he actually was anyway.

Today had been no different. He'd been doing this for weeks, and he had it all down pat. He'd wait for Jack to leave, check to see when he'd be home, and then set out to do some exploring. He gathered a few teeth this time, and lingered as long as he dared to. It wasn't until he was leaving that things went wrong. The small dinosaur seemed to come out of nowhere, and Logan ran as fast as he could, racing towards the border and falling hard. He was barely over the line- and the fence didn't stop the creature from swiping at his leg.

"Damn it," he swore, rolling away until the invisible barrier separated him from the creature. He had no idea how he was going to explain his leg to Jack, he'd just have to bandage it up and make up a good story before he got home.

He didn't even have time to wrap the wound though. When he finally limped through the front door, Jack was already home. He looked annoyed, and he was holding Logan's box of treasures.
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Logan hadn't been that interested in the party this year, and this time had insisted they only stay long enough to swipe some food and some booze. Now, with their ill gotten goods laid out on their kitchen table, Logan stood near the door bundled up tight.

He had on mittens and a scarf, along with a thick wool coat and a knitted hat. On some people it might have looked silly, but Logan somehow managed to pull it off. Perhaps because despite the body he'd toned up, and the baby fat he'd finally lost, he still had that boyish charm to him.

"I want to go out," he announced, the words slightly muffled by the scarf he had on. "The snow's gonna vanish soon, and I want to enjoy it. I'm tired of being depressed. I'm done with it. So... So let's go play."
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Logan stretched out lazily, smiling up at Jack.

"Perv," he accused lightly, making himself comfortable and leaving plenty of space for Jack to join him. "You're too good to me, you know that? You totally spoil me, man."
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(from here)

Logan shot the other man a glare, holding the wall to make sure he didn't slip. In fact it wasn't until he was drying off that he fell again, landing hard on the tile and wincing in pain.

"Fuck," he swore, rolling onto his side before slowly attempting to get up again.


Jun. 12th, 2010 10:42 pm
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(from here)

Logan relaxed a bit and waved goodbye as Patrick left, his anger fading as fast as it had appeared.

"See, I can make friends," he announced as he headed back into the kitchen. "I'm a well-adjusted member of society. I deserve a reward. I never make friends, this is a big step for me," he grinned.

Grabbing an apple he leaned against the table, looking more than a little full of himself.

item 2010

May. 27th, 2010 11:14 am
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It had been a quiet month for Logan. He's spent most of his days with Jack and in Bohemia, hanging out and working on a new set of surfboards for his class. He'd even been kind and started to make a batch for some of his neighbours. Partly to kill time, but mostly out of kindness- something that was still fairly new to him.

It had been a nice few weeks, each one lulling him into a false sense of security and contentment. After all, what could go wrong? He had his dog, his completely out of his league husband, a beach, and a hut that was slowly turning into a home, thanks to his and Jack's hard work. It was perfect, and Logan had started to forget all about all the awful things the island could do to people. He'd started to forget that the island tended to pray on that kind of contentment.

So really, it was kind of his own fault that he'd woken up like this, bound and spread eagle in the back of a van that he knew he'd been in before.

At first he'd been sure that he was back in Neptune. He was positive that he'd been dragged off the island and taken back home and back in time- Except this wasn't how it had happened. He hadn't been alone, and he hadn't seen sunlight filtering in from the front of the van. This was all wrong, and although his heart was pounding, it gave him a small amount of hope. If he was still on the island, Jack would find him.

Twisting in his bonds he tried to free himself, just the way Jack had taught him, but the knots were too tight and all he managed to do was rub his wrists raw. He knew he could call out, but it was such a humiliating situation, and Logan was too proud to risk being found by the wrong person. His breath hitched, and he tried to take a calming breath as his memory taunted him with the sound of a gun clicking over and over. One empty shot after another. He closed his eyes to try and block it out, but that didn't help. With his eyes shut he could see it too. He could see a masked face inches away from his own, and he could feel the gun against his skin.

"Please," he whispered, his hands shaking.

There was a sudden thump against the side of the van, and Logan nearly pissed himself, only relaxing when he heard a familiar bark to go along with it. ...Apparently Linus had found him first.


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